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Magical Entertainment from Dave Goulding

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"Psychic" Events


Thought Reading, Latent Communication and Suggestion

Thought Reading, Latent Communication and Suggestion. This is Magic of the Mind!
Using scientific methods, by reading body and eye language and other little-known principles, with suggestion, NLP and showmanship, Dave can reproduce what psychics and mediums claim as paranormal powers. Dave does it just for fun.

Using almost thirty years in business management, extensive study of psychology and many years of entertaining and interacting with the public, Dave has developed a way of divining people’s thoughts and feelings with uncanny accuracy that has been described as psychic. But he assures everyone that he is not. Make up your own mind (if he lets you!).

This is ideal entertainment for a professional group. Dave has been described as “the Cerebral Magician”. Demonstrations of this ability is suitable for stage, floor or even mingling with your guests at any function.
Get in touch and find out how Dave can make any event remain in the minds of your guests for a very long time.

Psychic Party!

Explore the paranormal in the comfort of your own home.
For an evening of entertainment like no other, gather together your friends, add some light refreshments (with a glass of wine, perhaps) and book Dave Goulding – you now have the ingredients for a great night.
For those of you who don’t know, a Psychic Party is a group of friends and neighbours getting together and witnessing feats of ESP, Mental Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomena.

It has nothing to do with spooks or the occult but has everything to do with fun and intrigue. Your thoughts will be read, metal will bend, predictions will be made and the inexplicable will happen before your eyes. There might even be demonstrations of Voodoo and ghostly happenings; you may get to use a divining pendulum. There is also the option of crystal ball and tarot reading, if that’s your sort of thing!

Using only scientific and natural methods, the purpose of the evening is purely entertainment!

(Party numbers usually limited to no fewer than 10, no more than 20)



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